Though, plagiarism is used to protect the intellectual property and promote originality in your work but it appears as an obstacle for novice writers. Whether you are a scholar, researcher or a report writer, you always need to avoid plagiarism in your work to ensure its authenticity. There are a number of ways to avoid plagiarism in your academic or other kinds of writing. At times it can be difficult to understand how to avoid plagiarism. In this article, we will explain the best tips to avoid plagiarism in your writing so you never face a rejection.


What Is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is an act of borrowing content written by others and published under their name from content provided by others. You can’t use someone else’s work without their content and claim to be yours. Therefore, avoiding plagiarism is extremely important. Once you start writing a paper it means you have to be careful. That being said, there are many ways to avoid plagiarism in your paper.


10 Tips to Avoid Plagiarism in Writing

1. Begin early

A simple way to avoid plagiarism in assignment writing is to have enough time before you start writing. Make a plan and follow it. It’s easy to miss something in a hurry. If you have enough time to research and follow your plan, then you will not miss out on anything. The professional editors at the Royal Dissertation Help suggest to plan a draft or outline before writing and schedule your work to finish on time. When we are under pressure, we often make unnecessary mistakes and tend to forget things. Therefore start early, make a plan and follow the next step slowly.


2. Quoting or paraphrasing

One way of giving credibility is to use quotes when quoting someone directly. It doesn’t take much time and you want to do it right away when you write. When you cite links or explain the sources, you will not be charged with plagiarism. The citation and paraphrasing rules have nothing to do with the style of links you use and how you relate to the sources in the paper.

To make a clear distinction between your text and the source text, you can highlight text that is not yours. This will give you an idea of your content and other’s content. In addition, you can choose colors to highlight the sources. This way you can immediately see where the source is in the text.


3. Do citation correctly

One of the best ways to avoid plagiarism is to citing your source correctly, but if you do it wrong, it doesn’t mean anything. Make sure you understand the standard of the paper you are writing and apply it correctly. You can try to do the right thing and still make mistakes. Pay attention to the sources used, so you will never forget which part came from which source. It is not important to follow the rules of the reference style exactly. Each university follows a particular style to use for a dissertation referencing or in a research paper. You can only do this at the last stage of writing the paper. This allows you to quickly collect sources by cutting and pasting and grouping them into a bibliography.


4. Add some value

Don’t try to use all the information in the sources. Try adding some value to the theme by combining some of your ideas. In any case, it gives the best results. It shows that you understand what you are talking about. You can only do this through intensive research that requires reading relevant information on the subject or topic.

5. Talk to your teacher

Spend time with your teacher and make sure you understand the rules and guidelines to follow. Sometimes we only need to ask to save a lot of time. Ask if you need a reference page or citation in the text. This allows you to complete your work without plagiarism.

6. Reference page

Another easy way to avoid plagiarism in essay writing is to add a reference page at the end of the paper. Regardless of the academic writing, you need to add all the sources to the reference list while you are doing research. Also format it properly right after you have completed your paper, as it is easy to miss important things. Ask which citation method your university prefers to use. After choosing a quote style, you should use this style in your work.

7. Use a Citation Style

Citation is an effective way to prevent plagiarism in writing. Follow guidelines for document formats (example, APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, etc.) required by your school or institution. This usually requires adding authors and publication dates or similar information. The quote is very simple. Remember, incorrect citation can be considered plagiarism so make sure you do it correctly.

8. Proofread thoroughly

Proofreading is essentially important and it will also help you check plagiarism. You can find the best writer for your article, but you have to proofread your work before submitting. It does not take a long time to revise your paper and make sure that you have listed all the sources correctly. It might be tedious but proofreading is one of the best ways to avoid plagiarism and correct any mistakes. You can also ask for dissertation proofreading service to make sure that your paper is error free and good to go.

9. Give Credit to Original Authors

If you have found something on the Internet rather than in the book or journal, it doesn’t mean you can use that information without citing. Be careful because it is always someone’s original work. You want to refer or give credit to the online resources you use to avoid plagiarism in homework. Just because you find something on someone’s blog doesn’t mean it can be used without giving any credit.

10. Use plagiarism checker  

One of the reasons to avoid plagiarism in writing is that it can lead to your paper getting rejected. No one wants this to happen but even if you didn’t do it on purpose, it’s still considered theft. There is no room for plagiarism. Many good plagiarism checking software online are available online such as Turnitin and plagiarism checker among others. You can run your document on such software and check the percentage of your plagiarism. It will help you gain certainty that your work is completely original and free from plagiarism.


As educational institutes have a strict policy on plagiarism, you need to avoid it. Before you start writing, read the rules and guidelines thoroughly and make sure to follow them throughout. This will help you comply with all the rules including the referencing style and formatting. Some of the best ways to avoid plagiarism in your writing was paraphrasing, using referencing and citing the authors to credit their work. Make sure to check plagiarism using software to ensure that your paper is original.