The final year of study is the period in which students provide their ideas in the form of research to get a Master’s degree in their field. It has become a problematic and stressful task for students. Because they lack understanding of the theoretical framework in dissertation. Our team of British dissertation editors also assert that students turn a blind eye when it comes to dissertation rules, format and structure.

But fret no more as we have all the answers for your dissertation writing queries. In essence, this blog features all you need to know about the theoretical framework in dissertation and its structure. So read on as we unfold the genuine instructions that you need to work out your dissertation.

What is a Theoretical Framework?

The scheme that supports the research theory of the student is known as “Theoretical Framework”. To put it simply, a theoretical framework is what the theory entails about the variables or topic of your research.

Theoretical Framework in Dissertation

The conceptual framework writing in the dissertation is achieved by considering the theories that have been developed by other researchers. In this structure, the students have to present the relevant information. In some cases, there are multiple relevant theories on the topic. For such a case, the students are supposed to evaluate and compare theories on the topic.

Steps for theoretical framework writing in Dissertation

The Problem of the Research

A successful dissertation requires a problem. This word is very specific in the field of research. Because, it motivates students to portray their problems in their field in the form of ideas and provides a platform to enhance their views, by investigating their problems. Therefore, a dissertation theoretical framework requires the genuine problematic opinions of the students.
In other words, a research problem or problem statement of a dissertation determines what problem or issue in the light of literature a researcher aims to address.

Utilization of Analytical or Methodological Foundation to your Idea

After receiving your problem and its nature, you should search for the literary approach that can be utilized to determine the nature of that idea. The experimentation on the theoretical framework in the dissertation is utilized to approach the problem from an ideological aspect. It is then studied empirically to determine how the theory applies in a particular context.

Scope of the Research

The theoretical framework for the dissertation requires an authentic path that leads towards the scope of the work. The authentic path is the problem that the researcher has in his mind since he started his research. For this purpose, the researcher needs to find the gap that he wants to fulfill in the history of his work, with the help of his findings.

Relevant and Recent References

The human brain can indeed produce new ideas, but there should be some basis for this idea. Also, conceptual framework writing in a dissertation requires a resource from where the idea has been borrowed. The expert editors at Royal Dissertation Help suggest using most recent references in the research to promote authenticity.

All the ideas that you borrow are presented in the bibliography or reference section at the end of your research paper or document. Sometimes, as per the referencing style, the sources are cited at the end of each page where the source is utilized.

These references also help students to prove the legitimacy of their ideas based on the literary review. Also, the instructors evaluate the mind of a student to evaluate his ideas. Thus references are presented to highlight some suggestions for the solution of the problem, that a writer has discussed in his indignation.

Structure of the Theoretical Framework

According to some critics, there are no strict rules to produce the theoretical framework structure in the dissertation. But, every student should take notice of this structure, to gain the approval of his teacher for the experimentation. Thus, the student should write the theories on the topic and define each variable in the light of literature. Then it needs to conclude what the theories reveal regarding the relationship between two (or many) variables you chose to study.

Thesis Statement of your Research

For developing a strong thesis for your conceptual framework, you need to have an idea for the literature review. Hence, along with developing the scheme of your research, you should have a grip on your literary review, to portray the validity of your idea.

Some other Important Aspects of the Research

There are other important aspects that you need to consider during the theoretical framework writing in dissertation. You need to;

• ask rhetorical questions, and at the same time provide an answer.
• care about your grammar and spelling, throughout your work.
• explain your ideas concisely.
• explain the limitations of your research.
• build an impressive work for your reader.
• mention the sources from where you borrowed the ideas.

Making a checklist

Students can also make a helpful checklist before starting their work. This enables them to fulfill every requirement for providing perfect schematic research to their examiners. In the checklist, the students should add the significant tasks that they need to do for the analysis of their idea or problem.

Considering the word limit

The word count is also an important thing to justify the ability of the researcher, to portray his ideas coherently and concisely. Hence, the student should also consider the word limit as prescribed by his teacher or mentioned in the dissertation brief. There is an over and under word limit for every document, do not exceed it.


To conclude, the above article provides an insight to the researcher to do his research accurately. Concerning the theoretical framework of a dissertation, it is essential to define theories and identify the relationship in the light of literature. A strong dissertation theoretical framework ensures strong research in academics. Make sure to source the authors and researchers in the reference section from where you borrow an idea. By considering all the instructions from your dissertation brief, you can certainly meet the expectations of your teachers.