A dissertation paper is an extensive piece of research work on a clearly defined topic. It is a mandatory task for undergraduate and master’s students to get a degree. Many students find it intimidating to complete a dissertation because they lack awareness about the resources and skills required for dissertation writing. In this blog, you will know what it takes to write a dissertation and whether you can write it effectively.

Checklist of Skills Required for Dissertation Writing Paper

Unlike essays and assignments, dissertation writing is time-consuming and a lengthy piece of document. It is not limited to writing techniques and research, but it also requires other skills for dissertation writing. Following is the checklist to accomplish a dissertation paper.

  • Time management and organisation skills
  • Project planning and project management skills
  • Writing and paraphrasing skills
  • Research skills and techniques
  • Data management and Statistical analysis
  • Formatting skills

Time Management and Organization Skills

Since it is a prolonged process, it requires managing time effectively as well as organizing skills to plan the dissertation. There are different sections or chapters in a dissertation that needs to be scheduled for its completion. Some require more time and focus on the process, in comparison to others.

For instance, the introduction, literature review, and dissertation methodology chapters require more thoughtfulness. Based on those chapters, the writer can discuss and conclude the findings. Also, the literature review among other chapters requires much time and so you need to manage the time accordingly.

Project Planning and Project Management Skills

Consistent with the previous section, the project management skills help one to ensure timely delivery for the section as per schedule. One cannot afford rejection due to untimed delivery of dissertation proposal or any chapter. That is when project management skills help you plan your dissertation project with some leeway time so you can submit it on time.

Writing and Paraphrasing Skills

One of the most important skills required for dissertation writing is paraphrasing skills. Writing here refers to research writing where an individual must write meaningful words to add value. On the other hand, paraphrasing skills are required to prevent stuffing or copying from similar articles.

For instance, the literature review writing requires highlighting the empirical findings of the previous research. One cannot accomplish this by copying the key points of the study. Instead, it requires rewriting or paraphrasing in unique words to prevent plagiarism. In other words, this skill can make or break your dissertation because you need to be precise and accurate without copying someone else’s ideas.

Research Skills and Technique

It takes years of skills and practice to flourish your research techniques and skills. Many believe that using keywords or Boolean techniques is a research skill. However, it is beyond that. It also includes keywords that you include during research and those you exclude. In a Ph.D. dissertation writing, you are also required to mention the keywords you have used for research.

Also, you need to identify the resources that are authentic and academic. One also needs to explore Google Scholar among other academic libraries for authentic information. Another thing to remember is to explore articles that are not 10 years older, so the research is valid contextually.

Data Management

Whether you are doing quantitative or qualitative research, data management is an essential skill. It helps you organise and analyse data so you can conclude your findings. In quantitative research, you will use statistical analysis whereas in qualitative you will use content analysis among other methods.

There are different software and applications to calculate the quantitative and qualitative types of data on a computer. It will help you compute primary data to determine whether to accept or reject your research hypothesis. The research writers at Royal Dissertation Help have analytical skills at their disposal to process and conclude research data.

Formatting Skills

Your dissertation paper will only get accepted if it is properly formatted. Each institution has its formatting requirements and guidelines that you need to follow. Starting from the title page, pagination, and dissertation writing font must also follow the guidelines. There is also a dissertation structure to adhere to. You also need to format your dissertation referencing style as per Harvard referencing system or one that is required in the brief.

Resources Required for Dissertation Writing


On the top of the list of resources required to complete a dissertation is time. One needs to manage its time effectively to ensure that the work is delivered on time. Besides, a writer must dedicate enough time to each dissertation chapter because each section has different requirements. For instance, it takes more time to complete a dissertation literature review in comparison to the conclusion section.

Software and Applications

Another type of resource required to complete a dissertation is software application required to evaluate the primary data. Some can be free of cost whereas some are paid. Those are Microsoft Excel, IBM statistics SPSS, and NVivo among others.

Database Resources

A dissertation paper needs to be authentic and accurate. For that, you also need reliable resources to extract data. Apart from the online library and university library, there are online databases to explore peer-reviewed articles for secondary data collection.

Those libraries also require paid access, which is one of the reasons it is challenging to collect data. Our team of British dissertation editors is equipped with all the resources required to complete any research work.

End Notes

Now you know what it takes to accomplish a high-quality dissertation paper. You also need to focus on dissertation topic selection to make your research work interesting. For those who need help, ask our experts to write my dissertation for professional assistance. We can also help you with the skills required for dissertation writing. If you lack database access, you can also opt for literature review writing.