Dissertation Topics and Ideas 

All you need to know about the selection of dissertation topics that can help you ace your dissertation and secure good grades for your undergraduate or post graduate dissertation 

Dissertation Topics and Ideas that can Make or Break your Dissertation

Looking for a suitable dissertation topic to finish your final research project? Or are you waiting for inspiration to help you with the topic selection? Indeed, it is not the best approach to look for dissertation ideas to accomplish an important piece of work. Your undergraduate dissertation or a PhD research proposal deserves the best topic that will guarantee your objective for which you are planning. If you are reading this, you will agree that the dissertation accounts for a major proportion of credits so you need to look for some interesting dissertation topics. To help you in your academic journey, here are some best ideas for dissertation topic selection to steer your academic career in the right direction.


Where to Start for the Best Dissertation Topics Selection?

Choosing a dissertation topic for a perfect write up is one of the major challenges that scholars face. The reason is that your choice of topic determines the time it will take to finish your study and whether it will be first-class work. Many questions are surrounding the dissertation ideas that you can choose to go further with. Is it research worthy? Is it original and manageable in scope? Has it been researched adequately previously? Before getting started, you need to answer those excruciating questions because a well-chosen topic convinces readers, selection committees, and also helps earn financial support. So, read on to find out the basic steps before dissertation topics selection.

a) Reading the Manual and Understanding Research Process

One of the most common dissertation writing mistakes that students make is to jump-start their dissertation before understanding the requirements. It is obvious to read the prescribed material but many fail to do so and end up facing adverse consequences such as rejection or revisions. Therefore, read the specific research requirements proposed by your institution. Those include word count restrictions, ethical adherence, referencing style, and originality of work among others. It will help you work in line with the instructions and reduce the chances of rework or rejection.

b) Review the Previous Dissertations on your Subject from the University

By looking at some well-graded past dissertations, you will get an idea about the structure and format of your dissertation. It will also be helpful to answer any questions regarding dissertation ideas and the university’s brief. For instance, what dissertation methodology was used for a particular course? Which topics or dissertation analysis were graded well? How broad or narrow were the dissertation topics? What procedures were used for gathering information and data analysis?

c) Conduct a Quick Research to Review Academic Literature

On your lookout for the best dissertation ideas, here you will explore the literature to learn more about your subject and the recent researches conducted on the subject. It will not only help you with a good topic selection for your dissertation but also help you identify your area of interest. You will also discover the areas where there is a gap in the literature and recognize prime opportunities for a meaningful topic selection.

After going through the above steps, you will familiarize yourself with good dissertation topics, structure, and methodology. Now you can take a step further to finalize your dissertation topic and then write a dissertation proposal on your proposed topic. Stay with us to learn more about the dissertation topics selection and ideas to ace your research work.

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6 Ways to Choose Dissertation Topics for Graduate, Post Graduate & PhD Students

1. Select a topic that you find interesting

Writing a dissertation is a lengthy process that may take weeks or months to finish. So, choosing one of the interesting dissertation topics will keep you motivated and you will not have dull moments. On the other hand, you will not be inspired if it is not an interesting topic. To maintain your motivation for your dissertation, you must have a passion for the selected topic and your course.

2. Choose a Unique Topic

The reason there is a greater emphasis on the topic selection is that it will contribute to your credits and will motivate you to complete it. If you choose a unique topic, you will entice your readers and also support the literature with your findings where there is little research. Now the question arises, how to find information for a research topic that is unique? You do not need to search for dissertation topics that are saturated with research, instead, look for smaller sub-topics that have not been explored.

3. Do not be too vague or narrow

Many students struggle to satisfy their professors and the committee because they are either too broad or too narrow with their topic and research. One of the best dissertation ideas is to construct the arguments succinctly in the light of literature. Otherwise, you may exceed the word count or fail to conclude. Make sure to propose the dissertation research questions that can be answered precisely with the conclusions drawn from the primary or secondary research. Also, avoid selecting the research question that can be answered with a simple yes or no.

4. Conduct in-depth research

One of the best ways to select a topic for a dissertation is to conduct research. Read and review the literature to find out the dissertation topics that interest you and then select the one that is unique or has a lack of research. If you have selected the topic that makes you excited about it and you feel curious, then you will certainly be on the right track. After all, completing your dissertation paper requires weeks of lonely hours exploring archives and databases to collect useful information. So, exploring the dissertation literature before writing your dissertation proposal will ensure that you have good knowledge about what you will do. It will also ensure that there will be no internal resistance to the topic while you work on the chosen subject.

5. Be objective and unbiased

Falling in love with your dissertation topic will be easy for you, but you have to make sure not to fall into its weaknesses. Do not think beforehand about what the conclusion of your research be like as it will be biased. Instead, draw the conclusion based on the facts and directions from the primary and secondary research results. To adopt a realistic approach, you need to consider an outsider’s perspective so you can avoid any biases.

6. Seek advice from your tutor and experts

Your tutor will always be there to guide you throughout the dissertation writing process. You can seek help from your mentors when you finalize the topic or if you have any other queries regarding your research work. One of the best dissertation writing tips is to conduct preliminary research and learn about the subject before asking for your tutor’s advice. You will certainly get some good recommendations regarding the topic selection and other dissertation ideas. With their years of experience and knowledge, your tutor will always provide you with a direction or a way out in challenging times.

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What are the best dissertation topics for a marketing dissertation?

One of the popular dissertation subjects for MBA students is marketing. Many students choose our marketing dissertation writing service or digital marketing dissertation help to complete their academic projects. Some of the best marketing dissertation topics and ideas are presented below.

  • Impact of Word-of-Mouth (WOM) communication in Apparel Industry – A case of Gucci
  • Identifying the role of social media in improving customer relations
  • Impact of digital marketing on consumer preferences in the hospitality industry
  • Role of social media marketing on consumer behaviour in the hotel industry
  • Impact of YouTube advertising on consumer behaviour in the retail industry
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of online reviews in the airline industry – A case of British Airways
  • Analysing the impact of green marketing on the consumer’s buying decisions


How to select the best dissertation topics for MBA students?

You can follow the abovementioned dissertation ideas to choose your subject. One of the best tips to select a dissertation topic is to review previous dissertations, exploring the academic literature, and seeking help from the dissertation tutors. You can also ask online dissertation writers from our team of Royal Dissertation Help to assist you in choosing the dissertation topics.

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