A dissertation aims to make a piece of work that requires rigorous research on a clearly defined topic. Mostly, a dissertation is an independent work that students deliver as part of their final project to get a degree. Students do not realize but the dissertation font also plays a role to bring clarity into your writing. Therefore, choosing the best font for dissertation writing is also a dilemma that students face before writing a dissertation.

Students need to be very careful while submitting the dissertation. The font of the dissertation plays an important role in the presentation’s perspective. A dissertation must be clearly defined and well-written. If you chose the wrong font, your work would not be appealing to the professors and results in poor grades. Therefore, choosing best fonts for dissertation writing also benefits you to get some extra marks for formatting because of clarity.

7 Ideal Fonts for Dissertation Writing

This blog will help you find the best font for dissertation writing that will help you impress your professors. Read on to find out the suitable styles for your document.

  1. Times New Roman

The Times New Roman was designed for The Times newspaper of London. This font style is also a serif font. Most of the universities prescribe the Times New Roman for writing all sorts of academic assignments and dissertations. It is appreciated as a formal style and is called to be an aesthetic one. Moreover, most of the universities stipulate to use Times New Roman as it is considered as the standard choice for academic work. The professional editors at Royal Dissertation Help also use the Times New Roman font for dissertation writing as it is one of the best font for dissertation at most of the universities.

  1. Verdana

The Verdana font was specifically designed for the screen of the computer as it looks clean and smooth. It is widely used as its characters are wide and bold. Its font style makes it a little controversial.

If you are wondering what is the best font for dissertation? And you are working in any media department. The Verdana has wide usage in the media department. A laser printer seems suitable for low-resolution output devices. In 1996, the internet explorer, office, and all versions of windows included Verdana.

  1. Georgia

The Georgia font was built in 1993 by Matthew Carter and hinted by Tom Rickner to the Microsoft Company. The Georgia font style is known as a pleasant appearance on Microsoft Word.

A Georgia font style creates a constant look throughout the text. The lower case letters of Georgia look a little big than other fonts which makes it a good font for dissertation. Particularly, it can be used as an image font for dissertation. The small letters of Georgia are readable as its typeface is darker. A Georgia font can be recognized as it is quite similar to Times New Roman, however, it is taller and bolder than Times New Roman. Georgia has one drawback, the font style is inexact. It does not have a specific size.

  1. Arial

In 1982 Monotype imaging designers Robin Nicholas and Patricia Saunders designed a Sans-serif typeface that is Arial. This font cannot be used without purchasing Helvetica’s license as it is matched with it. Arial was designed in the 19th century and this elegant font style is used for numerous purposes. For instance, Arial is the most suitable font for presentation purposes. Even if you ask experts to write my dissertation they will choose Arial as the dissertation font style. It is easily readable and useful for the printed text. Even today, some of the universities prefer their students to use Arial as the dissertation writing font.

  1. Calibri

Calibri was designed in 2002-2004 and released in 2007. Since then, Calibri replaces the occasions of Times New Roman with the default typeface. A Calibri also replaced Arial with the default MS Word and PowerPoint font. According to De Groot, Calibri has a subtly rounded structure as it has a heat and smooth character.

Some fonts are similar to Calibri named Cambria, Candara, Consolas, Constantia, and Corbel. These are of the same group and called six weights.

It is important to select the right dissertation writing font that is why it is also used for web writing apart from the dissertation. Calibri is also widely used in designing the area including as a logo text for brands. This font is perfect for photo-editing, presentations, labeling, and many more texts. It has wide usage in product packaging.

  1. Garamond

In 1989, Robert Slimbach invented Adobe Garamond. It was released in the 16th century. It is an old style-serif typeface and one of the oldest dissertation writing fonts. This font style is mostly used for books and printing text. Researches stated that the Garamond font style is similar to writing with a pen and is more structured.

  1. Constantia and Cambria

Enlivened by Perpetua, Constantia is quite clear. Even though extraordinarily standardized, it performs well. Then again, Cambria looks somewhat solid and gives pleasant clearness because of its open gap. It is more conservative because of its moderately dense extents. When it comes to the best font for dissertation writing, Constantia and Cambria can be acceptable for their clarity and consistency.

Tips to choose the right font style for Dissertation

  • Choosing the best font for a dissertation is one of the tips to make your document eye-catching. Following are the tips to select the right dissertation font style.
  • Use serif fonts: Even the experts suggest to use a serif font. It is easily readable no matter the length of the document.
  • If you want to select the best font for dissertation publishing, select a serif font. It is commonly used for academic writing.
  • Avoid using numerous columns for the text of different chapters. It should a single column of the dissertation on each page.
  • To make your document noticeable, use a different font style for headings and paragraphs in your dissertation.
  • Use the font size at points 10, 11, or 12. The subscripts in the document must be 2 points smaller than the size of the body text.
  • When starting new paragraphs, use the same indentation in them.
  • Write a new heading on the next page instead of the bottom of any page. Just move to another page even the last one has space at the bottom.

What is the best font for dissertation writing?

When it comes to academic documents, you have to be careful while choosing a font. For instance, using a serif font for dissertation writing and research writing. Besides, an Arial font is also widely used for official as well as unofficial work including documents, business cards, and letterheads. Moreover, it can also be used for printing purposes because of its clarity. Mostly, designers use Arial font to make logo text, banners, business cards, presentations, brochures, posters, etc. So when it comes to clarity of a dissertation writing font style, you can choose Arial among san serif fonts and Times New Roman among serif fonts.

Final Words

Scholars want to be recognized for their dissertation writing and research work that they perform independently. However, choosing the best font for a dissertation is one the important elements for a recognized work where dissertation topics selection is the first. It also plays an important role to appeal to readers and the dissertation committee. Writing a dissertation or thesis is the longest and challenging piece of work. It is also a rewarding piece of work for a student, therefore, they have to be attentive and select the best font for dissertation. After finalizing their dissertation topic and writing, the next thing to decide is a dissertation font style. It will help students to show clarity in their work.